We help you make EVEN MORE impact with your donations to charity

The gift that keeps giving

The Future Fund is a charity donation platform — with a nod towards the future. We make it possible for you to invest in your favourite charity. This way, the charity gets support every year after your donation, year in year out, all because of your one-time donation!

We do this because there are so many amazing charities who work every day to make the world a better place. Our mission is to help them continue and expand their great work, by helping them develop a sustainable source of income in the future.


What we do

You choose a charity and an amount you want to donate. We invest your donation in an investment fund and then transfer interest on the investment each year to the charity.

We invest your donation only in ethical, sustainable and social businesses, so you support great entrepreneurs at the same time.


We will launch the Future Fund in 2021. When we do, here we will list the charities that you can invest in!

How it works

Step 01

You choose charity + amount

You make a one-time donation to a charity via the Future Fund. You choose the charity + the amount.

Step 02



We invest your donation in an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund.

Step 03


Every year, the donation generates interest. 45% is given to the charity you have chosen. 45% is used to increase the value of your donation. This way, the charity gets a bit more every year. We use 10% to operate the Future Fund.

Step 04

You make double impact

You make double impact with your donation: 1) interest goes to your favorite charity, and 2) the investment supports ethical, sustainable and social businesses. Your share in a better world!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the charity get each year?

Interest rates vary per year, but long-term results are remarkably stable for stock investments (7.0% interest on average per year). Here below you can see an estimate of how much money will reach the charity over the next 50 years, if you make a one-time donation of 10 dollar today, based on that average interest on stocks.

What happens if there is a year in which stock markets lose money?

There can be years in which the stock market increases in value, but there can also be years when the stock market loses money. If that happens, we transfer a small amount to the charities, 1% of your invested donation. We use the following years with positive interest to make up for the losses from the year or years with negative interest.

Scientific base

We did a lot of background research for the Future Fund, going back 150 years. This shows, for example, that the average interest on stocks is 7.0%. We use this interest to help you create éven more impact with your charitable donations.

Ethical, sustainable and social investing

All investments are done in ethical, sustainable and social investment funds. This means that there are no investments in ‘bad sectors’, like guns, and that ethical, sustainable and social businesses receive more support.

How long does the charity get money after a one-time donation?

The support continues forever: it is a gift that keeps on giving! The charity gets interest on your donation every year, even when you have just made a one-time donation.


Each donor gets a personal dashboard where you get real-time insight into how much support their charity has received to date based on your donation(s). This part of the Future Fund is still in development. We also publish an annual report and fiscal statement.