One of the volunteers at the Future Fund proposed a few weeks ago to focus more on the ‘double impact’ that people create when they donate via the Future Fund:

  1. Via the interest that is transferred to the charities
  2. Also, via the investments themsélves, by investing in ethical, sustainable and social organizations and people

We found this such a good idea that we started working on it straight away. Previously, the Future Fund offered two options for how your donation could be invested:

  • ‘saving’, through an investment in government bonds
  • investments in responsible stocks

The Future Fund once started with the idea of investing donations in the stock market. We then received feedback that some donors would appreciate it if it was also possible to opt for ‘saving’ of the donation. After that, we created the two options above.

With a view to the ‘double impact’ of the Future Fund, we have now developed two additional options:

  • green investments in the stock market: for people who would like their donation to be invested in companies that contribute to a healthier planet
  • microfinance: for donors who want to support people in developing countries (microfinance provides microloans for entrepreneurs and small business in these countries)

Thus, if you donate via the Future Fund, you now create a double impact: the interest on the investment goes to charity and the investments themselves also contribute to a better world!

You can find more information about these four options on the Future Fund website.

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