In the past few weeks, we strengthened the ‘evidence base’, the scientific basis, of the Future Fund. To do this, we used a set of investment data by Nobel Prize winner Robert Shiller. Based on his research, we now show on the Future Fund website that if you invest a donation for a charity, and give the interest on the investment each year to that charity, that this generates a stable source of income for the charity.

Even more so, the income becomes bigger and bigger with time. The graph below shows this. For this graph, we have calculated how much support a charity would have received in the past century if someone had invested $10 for that charity in 1920 via the Future Fund. Instead of the original $10, the charity would have received $418 in financial support! And that is in ‘real’ value, already corrected for inflation.

You can download all these calculations and Robert Shiller’s data on the Future Fund website.

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