The goal of the Future Fund is…


Our vision is that we can all live on a healthy planet, with thriving ecosystems and human habitats that live in balance with each other, that are full of opportunities for all, and where all have the freedom to decide how to live their own lives.


Our mission is to achieve our Vision, by supporting the futures of organizations that work towards our Vision (by helping to make our planet healthier, by supporting its animals and ecosystems, and/or by supporting humans and human habitats) and by assisting donors in supporting the futures of these organizations.


Our goals are:

  1. To make it possible for donors to save or invest for organizations that do social or ecological good and to, each year, transfer the interest on these donations to the organizations
  2. To assist donors in finding these organizations

PS: 100% of the interest goes to charity, the Future Fund is run fully on voluntary donations.

Aligning actions with donors and charities

We aim to work closely together with donors and with organizations that we support to align our actions with their views. Therefore, if you work for an organization that does social good and/or helps the planet, we would love to hear from you. We are also open to ideas for collaboration, such as sharing information, supporting campaigns and doing projects around special days/weeks in the year.

If you are a donor and share our enthusiasm for supporting these organizations, if you have great ideas for how to achieve this, if you have questions about how we operate, or with any other suggestion, idea, comment or question, please also contact us!