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The gift that keeps on giving

Investing for charity

The Future Fund is a charity donation platform that focuses on the future. We make it possible for you to invest in your favorite charity. This way, every dollar you give is turned into a source of everlasting income for charities! 


Two advantages

This way of giving to charity has two advantages:
  1. Ever-continuing donations: the charity gets support every year (the interest on your donation), even if you donate only one time. This continues year in, year out, for Good.
  2. Ever-growing donations: the investment generates more interest every year → meaning that more money goes to charity every year.

Long-term investing gives reliable interest

Investing in stocks can actually be done really safely, by investing for a long time and by spreading your investments. Wealthy families and organizations are already doing this. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, for example, invests its money to do good and so do many American universities. 

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How it works

You choose a charity and an amount you want to donate. We invest your donation in the stock market. Then, each year, we transfer interest on the investment to the charity. The amount, and as a consequence the transfers to charity, become a bit bigger each year. 

Future Fund in 1 minute

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Here below are some examples of the charities that you can support via our website: 

Future Fund in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Choose charity
+ amount

You make a one-time donation to a charity via the Future Fund. You choose the charity + the amount.

Step 2


We invest your donation in an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. Every year, your invested donation generates a profit.

Step 3


50% of the profit is transferred directly to the charity and 50% is used to increase the invested amount. Through an interest-on-interest effect the amount for charity becomes bigger every year.

Step 4

Your impact

Your impact: ever-continuing and ever-growing support for your favorite charity! Plus, a bonus double impact: the investment also supports ethical, sustainable and social businesses. Your share in a better world!


Interest rates vary per year, but long-term results are remarkably reliable for stock investments (7.0% interest on average per year). Here below you can see an estimate of how much money will reach the charity over the next 50 years, if you make a one-time donation of $ 10 today, based on that average interest on stocks. More than 3 times your initial donation amount is estimated to end up with the charity in the next 50 years! Over the next 100 years, this is projected to grow to more than 20 times your initial donation. 

The support continues forever: it is a gift that keeps on giving! The charity receives interest on your donation every year, even when you have just made a one-time donation.

We ask 10% of the interest on the donations that we invest for donors to fund the Future Fund. This is on purpose a % of the interest, and not of the donation itself. This way, we only get money if the charities get money! Furthermore, we are a non-profit, so when donations via the Future Fund increase in the future, this % will go down. Our long-term goal is 5% or less.  

Suppose you invest $ 100 for your favorite charity and that in the first year there is a 10% return (amounting to $10). Then:

  • $ 4.50 is transferred to the charity for which you invested the donation
  • $ 4.50 is added to the original $ 100. As a result, next year’s interest is made not on $ 100, but on $ 104.50! This way, the charity gets a little bit more support every year.
  • $ 1 is transferred to us at the Future Fund to cover our operational costs

The Future Fund Foundation is a non-profit. You can read more about our foundation here.

No, the Future Fund was specifically established to allow everyone to invest for their favorite charities! The minimum donation amount is 5 dollars. 

You can invest safely and with a reliable long-term interest by:
  1. investing in many businesses at the same time and
  2. holding those investments for a long time
By holding to these two rules, we know the interest on the donations will move to the average interest on all stocks combined: 7.0% per year. How do we know this? By studying more than 150 years of stock market history.

True, the value of stocks can go up and down. This means that in some years, the investments of the Future Fund lose value. But by holding to the two rules outlined above from the previous question, we know that over time the interest on the Future Fund’s investments will move to the average for all stocks. This is well grounded in evidence. And from this evidence we also know that that average is 7.0% interest per year.

All investments are done through an ethical, sustainable and social investment fund. This means that there are no investments in ‘bad sectors’, such as fossil fuels, guns and smoking. Instead, ethical, sustainable and social businesses receive extra support.

The reason for using this 50-50 method is with this method, the charities get a little bit more each year, every year. The method generates an “interest-on-interest” effect (see the Calculation example). This results in your invested donation, and with it the money that is transferred to the charity each year, growing exponentially. So based on your one-time donation, the charity not only gets ever-continuing financial support, but it gets an ever-growing amount!

We publish an annual report and fiscal statement every year. Each donor will also gets a personal dashboard where they can review their donations.

You can do this, too! If you do this, the charity will spend your money directly. The difference with the Future Fund is that with us, your one-time donation results in a stable income for the charity year in, year out. Most charities are not allowed to invest money like this themselves as a source of income (only as a reserve). Also, practically, they generally do not offer the option to label your donation as an investment. That is why the Future Fund exists! We encourage people to do both: support charities now AND support their futures. 

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Donate now to your favorite charity and give them a gift that keeps giving: a donation that generates interest for them every year!