FAQ: the foundation

Who is behind the Future Fund?

The organization behind the Future Fund is the Future Fund Foundation. You can read more about our organization on our About page. The foundation is registered as a non-profit with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Who works at your organization?

The people who work at the Future Fund are described on our People page.

How much has been donated through the Future Fund to charity to date?

You can review our most up-to-date data on our Numbers page.

Who pays for your management costs?

We are a nonprofit, so we are not in this project to make a profit. To keep this platform running, we use 10% of the interest on the donations. For example, with an interest rate of 9%, 0.9% goes to the Future Fund. With an interest of 2%: 0.2%. Our contribution is intentionally a percentage of the interest on donations, and not of the donations themselves. This way we only get money when the charities get money. Furthermore, we are a non-profit, so when donations via the Future Fund increase in the future, this % will go down. Our long-term goal is 5% or less.