FAQ: quality, transparency and reporting

Are there requirements for donation platforms like the Future Fund?

Yes, the Dutch charity certification organization (CBF) has a page that describes what requirements are for donation platforms. The Future Fund is in agreement with the CBF’s advice:

  • The Future Fund Foundation is a registered non-profit organization
  • We publish an annual report and our full financials yearly
  • An independent financial committee audits our financials
  • If the Future Fund ever ceases operations, all invested amounts are transferred to the charities for which they were invested

Does the Future Fund have a charity certification itself, since it is a non-profit?

Currently, the Dutch certification organization for charities, the CBF, does not allow donation platforms like us to apply for a charity certfication. However, the CBF is currently investigating if a new category specially for non-profit donation platforms like us can be created in the future. We are following these developments closely, and as soon as this new category exists, we will apply. In the meantime, we have also applied for a membership of Goede Doelen Nederland, the Dutch membership association for charities. We are currently awaiting their reply. 

How will you report on my donations?

When giving through the Future Fund, you get a personal login with which you can review your donations and evaluate the investments we have made with your donations. You also get a report each year via email that shows your investment(s) and your donations. 

How will the Future Fund report on its progress overall?

Every year, we publish an annual report and our full financials. We also have a Numbers page, where everyone can get real-time updates about how much support has been given to charity through the Future Fund to date. 

How does the Future Fund make sure it works only with bonafide partners?

We only allow charities that are registered as a charity with a charity certification organization or with their own government on our platform. This way, we make sure that the charities we support are all bonafide organizations.