Can I ever get my donation refunded?

No, your donation is, well, a donation. Even though it is invested or saved, you decide to part with the money. That is why we call it a ‘donation-investment’: it will remain in the Future Fund’s investment account forever, or at least as long as the Future Fund exists. Your donation-investment will keep producing interest every year that will be given to the charity or charities that you have chosen, even after you die. See here for what will happen should the Future Fund ever cease to exist (which we are not planning to).

Is my donation safe if the Future Fund goes bankrupt?

Yes, your donation will become the property of a special-purpose foundation, separate from the Future Fund. The only purpose of this foundation is to administrate the donation and the yearly payouts to your chosen charity. This way, if the Future Fund ever goes bankrupt, creditors will not be able to touch your donation, which will then be paid out in money to your chosen charity.