Who is behind the Future Fund? Is the organization certified as a charity?

The organization behind the Future Fund is the Good Future Foundation. We are currently in the process of applying for a charity-certification. You can read more about our organization here.

Who works at your organization?

The people who work at the Future Fund are described on our organization’s website.

Has the Future Fund started already? Are there donations already?

We are still establishing the Future Fund. Donations are not possible yet via the website. However, a few private donors (ourselves and our friends and family) have already made donations to the Fund to get it started. The first of these donations were made in March 2020 and they all used the stock market investment option. The first stocks for the Future Fund were purchased using these donations on 27 March 2020.

Who pays for your management costs?

We are a nonprofit, so we don’t have to make a profit. To keep this platform running, we use 10% of the annual interest. For example, with an interest rate of 9%, 0.9% goes to the Future Fund. With an interest of 2%: 0.2%. Our contribution is intentionally a percentage of the interest on donations, and not of the donations themselves. This way we only get money when the charities get money.

What happens if the Future Fund ceases to exist?

We will say this first: it is the specific intention of the Future Fund to always exist, so that charities will continue to be able to benefit from your donations far, far into the future.

That said, if we ever do have to cease operations (for whatever reason), your donation will be converted from an investment into money and the money will be transferred to your charity.

Who has helped you made the Future Fund a reality?

See here for a list of all the organizations with whom we collaborate and who have made the Future Fund possible.