I hereby confirm that by giving a donation to the Future Fund, I understand how donations to the Future Fund work, as explained on the homepage and in the FAQ of the site. I specifically confirm that I understand that:

  • the amount that I choose to transfer is a donation that will remain in the Future Fund’s investment account for as long as the Future Fund exists, where it will be allocated to the charity that I have chosen,
  • I cannot request a refund of the amount at any time because it is a donation,
  • even though the amount is referred to as an ‘investment’ in some parts of the website, I understand that this term is used to describe that the amount will be invested to benefit my chosen charity through its accrued interest, and that the amount is a donation, for which I cannot request a refund,
  • if the Future Fund ever ceases operations, the invested donation will be converted into money and the money will be transferred to the charity that I have chosen,
  • that I can review these Terms and Conditions in the other languages available on this website by clicking on the flag icon in the site menu.