Sign your charity up!

If you want to sign your charity up to the Future Fund, so that it is shown on our website and donors can support you, you can fill out this form. Please note that we only admit charities that are certified.

What are the advantages for my charity if we sign up?

There are numerous advantages for charities in signing up for the Future Fund:

  1. When donors support your charity via the Future Fund, their donations generate a stable, sustainable source of income for your organization in the future.
  2. Via the Future Fund, you may find new donors! Especially people who prefer to do one-time donations donate via the Future Fund. Our fund is an opportunity to build a relationship with this new and growing group of donors.
  3. The Future Fund is an interesting method for leaving legacies. By signing up, you can offer your donors a sustainable way of leaving you money.
  4. Because you get your own page on the Future Fund site, signing up will bring extra attention to your charity!

And did we mention there is no cost for charities for signing up…?

See our brochure for more info on the advantages for charities.

How do we know you are a bonafide organization?

We try our very best to be as bonafide as we possibly can, for example:

  • The Good Future Foundation, the organization behind the Future Fund, is a registered non-profit organization
  • We publish an annual report and our full financials each year
  • We will apply for:
    • CBF-certification, the Dutch certification for charities
    • ANBI-status, the Dutch government tax status for charities
    • membership of a Charities the Netherlands, the Dutch membership organization for charities
  • We will ask for an independent audit of our financials each year by an independent financial committee

For more information about the organization behind the Future Fund, the Good Future Foundation, please visit our website.

What is your revenue model in running the Future Fund?

We are a nonprofit, so we don’t have to make a profit. But we also have costs to keep this platform running. To cover those, we ask for a contribution of 10% of the annual interest. This is intentionally a percentage of the interest on donations, and not of the donations themselves. This way we only get money when you as charities get it.

For more answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the FAQ section of our website.